Finn Gardner, Reef Photographer

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Photography | 12 comments

Eleven years ago, an underwater photographer was born. His name was Finn Gardner.

Two weeks ago, he captured these images on his first nitrox dive, with his new GoPro. These were all taken on the wreck of the Caribsea, a freighter that was sunk by a German torpedo in WWII, off the coast of North Carolina. Thanks to Instigator Fishing and Diving Charters for getting us out there. Enjoy!


  • Todd Gardner

    Todd Gardner is a professor of Aquaculture and Marine Biology at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, North Carolina where he oversees a partnership between the college and The Biota Group, a world leader in sustainably cultured marine life. Todd's life and career have been shaped by his passion for ocean life and he has written numerous scientific and popular articles about his research and experiences collecting, keeping, and culturing marine organisms. Todd’s professional background includes work on a National Geographic documentary, commercial aquaculture at C-quest Hatchery in Puerto Rico, and an 11-year term at the Long Island Aquarium where he spent much of his time developing techniques for rearing marine fish larvae. To date he has raised more than 50 species. In 2013 Todd received the prestigious Aquarist of the Year Award from the Marine Aquarium Society of North America (MASNA). In his spare time, Todd dives, photographs marine life, runs marathons, and makes music.

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  1. Finn Gardner

    You guys should definitely sub to Finn Gardner

    • ETHAN B

      wsg finn GARDNER mehhehehehheeeeee

  2. Cindy N Garb

    So proud of Finn and his accomplishments underwater. I absolutely love seeing our youth getting involved in nature and hold his parents accountable for raising such an amazing explorer and adventurer.

  3. Diana

    So breathtaking and amazing. Watching this beautiful boy appreciate and capture nature on film is indescribable. To always have such an fascination for nature is a gift and he has it.💕

  4. Carrie

    Way to go Finn!!!

  5. Sandy

    Great pictures! You are a real pro, and learned so quickly with your camera. Keep the pictures coming! I don’t get to see the underwater world very often!

  6. Erica

    You sure know how to bring a picture to life. I felt like I was underwater seeing this beauty for myself as I scrolled through your photos. Look forward to seeing more of your art and reading your stories! You have a real talent Finn:)

  7. Andy P

    Fantastic pictures. Look out Todd, the competition is getting tough.

  8. Kathleen

    So proud of our Finn! Not only is he kind, caring and confident! But, he is courageous and always up for learning new things! Great parenting by mom & dad for sure!

  9. Diane L

    These are superb photos, Finn! May you continue to enjoy and document all that beauty below us.

  10. Sorbellini Stephanie

    These are amazing!!! Go Finn!

  11. GG

    Such fascinating and beautiful photography! Makes me feel so proud and happy that you are following in your Dad’s passion! ❤️👏😇


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