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This post is for all the female aquarists out there. Well actually it could also be for some of you male aquarists out there too, who am I to make a fashion determination. Nail art can get pretty extreme and interesting. This might be the first post my wife was interested in reading. Actually, after reading this article and going on YouTube,I have discovered there are quite a lot of detailed tutorials on how to make aquarium nails. And this helpful YouTube tutorial been around since 2013, so the aquarium nail art trend is not new. However, it seems to require ‘aqua-tips’, which are specially made artificial nails that have a unique, double pane artificial nail bed. The nail is then injected with glitter or sand and baby oil to mimic the effect of water and bubbles. Then the nails are ready to add the specially designed sea life and voila, aquarium nails. So actually, aquarium nails must be pretty popular, if they have a special artificial nail tip out there just to create them. Aquarium nails even have their own pinterest page, but what doesn’t. Apparently, aquarium and snow globe fake nails are all the rage. It certainly seems to require a lot of patience and time, which is similar to the aquarium hobby.  MORE

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