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Brooklyn, NY
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I just ran mine. I started it at 7:30pm, and it was done by time I came home the next day at 3:34pm. I only used maybe 75% of that little spoon they give and I got 4 meshcups teeming with brine.
I used tank water and filled to the water line, poured the eggs into the outer rim and then placed the top on.
Presto. All I had to next was turn on the light and they would congregate into the middle of the hatchery and then lift out the mesh cup.
That's all. Clean up is a few swishes in the sink!


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Woodside, Queens
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Still getting bbs from the first batch. Question, who benefits from the bbs? They seem to small for the fish, even my smallest yellow clown goby doesn't seem to notice them.

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