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thanks for the itrader rating nanchil , but all i did was label and bagged all the credit should go to camanuch he di do a great job. hope these little guys do the job i drip 3hrs and now they're hunting their little bodies off


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staten island
id like to thank camanuch for Putting together this GB.

I'd also like to thank steve614 for picking them up, steve sorry I missed you but I understand the situation, Thanks again.

Hopefully the aiptasia will finally meet its demise.


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Staten Island
Camanuch - Thanks again for setting this up!
Bertdog - Thanks for bagging them up!
Steve - Thanks for picking it up for me!

Hope to see everyone at the swap so I can thank you in person.
LaurieC and I just got back not too long ago. By now I'm guessing you guys (nycjoe and johnsonlee) squared everything away.

I wanted to thank Rich once again for putting this all together. It was great meeting you guys. See you at the frag swap!


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Little guys are acclimating away. Really great to meet everyone and look forward to swapping Berghia stories in Oct. at Frag Swap. I'm going to wear an "Aptasia Free" t-shirt to the event. Camanuch thank you so much!


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Hey camanuch,, if there is 1 available I'll take 1 ,, I can pm u from my phone ,, but let me know ,, thanks

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