Still have all the visible aptasia but I guess they're busy procreating. If you look to the lower right of the eggs you can see one of the berghias relaxing, egg watching, or dying in a small crevice.



Advanced Reefer
All the aiptasia has disappeared around the area where I originally put these guys. This morning I saw one of the nudis exploring another rock, which probably means that they have more or less eliminated the aiptasia supply on the original rock.


Experienced Reefer
no activity seen but hopeful

no activity seen but hopeful. i spoke with Lisa ,seems to be knowledgeable and helpful. we just have to be a bit Patience , which i dont have a lot of. after these little guys do the job for you if you like to recoup some of your $ i would be interested in buying any that you may be able to get at. i do have alot of rock that need clean up .


Relaxing on the Reefin
New York, NY
is there another order going out soon? I can use a few dont have too much aiptasia yet but i can see them mutiplying even after i poured boiling water on 3 pieces of rock....and burned myself once. It no longer possible for me to throw water at is since i have corals all over the rocks now.

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