LPS Show-Off Thread


El filibusterismo
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PPE chalice

its not a chalice!it's an awesome favia:birthday:!


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Far Rockaway
Rob, WOW! You have been busy.....;)

Pnoy, gorgeous as always! What are those little white tube looking things?

Guys, you all have some gorgeous pieces and most important great photo skills!!!

Thank you for sharing with the rest of us......... You are all great inspirational reefers!!!!


Aquarium Village
Manhattan Reefs
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Copiague, NY
Thank you! no the person i got it from claim its from zeppelins but i dont c green eye on it cuz too small i didnt even realize the eyes before the pics...lol anyhow whats ever it is i like it.

I agree a very nice piece, I've been wanting a snakeskin for a while, makes me wanna get one all the more now after seeing yours! I'm gonna have to talk to Larry now :D


Diamonds of the Reef
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Brooklyn, NY
Nice Pic's everyone!
Steve thats an awesome Aussie Blue SnakeSkin!
Here is the Melting Pot Chalice, just got it today!
Under actinics

Under Metal Halides