LPS Show-Off Thread


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Awesome pics Willie, looked like they were taken under leds..

Very nice Flamethrower Brian.

Steve, that piece is sick! multicolor eyes... Wow....

Kenny, nice score, I really like the second one.. looks like its fragable.. dibbs!

Golden Lava from Ben
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stole this pic from reefs4life's thread about my tank...this is my 'spring fever' chalice, pastel colors lite green base w/ purple rim, covered in orange w/ pink eyes, chalice is about 8 in dia. and growing. I really need a shot with a macro lens, so you could see that in the center area, the 'moles' (raised bumps) that look white, are actually tiny feather duster-type worms........


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Very nice pieces guys! It's great to see more peeps (other than the regulars...:lol:) posting pics of their chalices.

Alan, np you got it. This one looks like it will be a fast grower. Haven't had that piece for long, but the freshly cut frag already healed up & showing new growth.

Thanks Steve. I guess we gotta talk soon :)

Here's a couple that should color up some more, they have only been in my tank for less than a week:



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1st Pic:

Top row left = Trops Flame Thrower
Top middle = CC LE Knockout
Top right = DFS Green/Blue Striped Mycedium

Center row left = UC Batman Watermelon
Center middle = CC Tyree Red Watermelon
Center right = DFS Grey and Pink Eye Chalice

Bottom row left = Willie's Purple Alien Eye
Bottom right = UC Soho Watermelon

2nd Pic:

Front = side view same chalice center right from first pic
Back = DFS Orange/Red Chalice
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Thanks m8 ,i cant take credit for the pics as Lindsay takes them.My job is to get the stock in and he takes the pics as I'm not to good with the clicky thing lol

Again thanks m8



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Bunch of amazing pieces........

Here is my splatter brain

Close up

another one

A chalice i picked up waiting for it to color up to see what it is.
Orange eyes with a teal color so far.
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