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Do you see an correlation between barring and color, maybe less bar = more black. more bar = more orange. wondering about how these traits get passed down.


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Those of you who got the latest Midnight Photon clowns from me at the last fragswap, post your pictures here. Some pictures were posted by you in my sale thread. If you do not mind can you also post them here, given that this is a more relevant thread.



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How old are your fish that you sold me at the time of swap?

After the recent move, there is one of my platinum obviously dating your midnight photon-the two would not stop rubbing each other for three four days. Are they close to sexual maturity already(or always so intimate to other clowns in your tank) when they are delivered to the swap?
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The fish at this swap were 6 months old. I have had males spawn at 9 months. Females take a lot longer, upto 1.5-2 years.

They are used to hanging out with other clownfish sine many are packed in a small space as they are growing out.

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