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I think he is working on something new with one of the offspring and his original female, but these will no longer be available since the male has passed away.


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You can still get them from Diver's Den. All the remaining offspring are now at They show up on the Diver's Den but seem to get scarfed up pretty quickly.

Yes, the male is dead as far as this hybrid is concerned there will be no new babies produced.

I am trying to get some babies with with the orginal female paired up with its hybrid offspring. The first nest was eaten up rather quickly and I could not tell if the eggs were even fertilized.

Early this week, there was a 2nd nest and a big chunk of it has disappeared. However, from the few eggs that are left it seems that they are fertile. So it answers the one question -Will the hybrids be fertile or sterile. ? Fertile seems to be the answer.



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Super interested to know if the eggs hatched out Sanjay? Have my fingers crossed for ya.

Well, as you can see in this pictures.. the eggs are definately fertile and developing nicely. Unfortunately, I will not be raising this batch for several reasons. 1) batch of eggs is too small.. there were a lot of them that got eaten up
2) I am not fully ready for them with rotifers etc.

But its good to know that they are fertile and developed.




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Wow, these babies turned out nicely. If I ever start up again I def. want mostly black orange fring clowns.

Also...I know it doesn't need to be said...but awesome pics.


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I really wanted to meet you this weekend at MACNA, but I could only make it on Saturday. I would have loved to gain some knowledge about clowns and light, you should post when you have lectures. You should create your own fan club.


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Looking for an update.

Its been about a year or more since some of you got these clownfish from me. I would like to see how they have developed in other people's tanks and environment. Has anyone got them to spawn.

I have one of the offspring paired back with the mother, and they have spawned. I posted a picture in an earlier post in this thread.

Show them off.. a year later.

Sadly, mine both died in my tank crash. Prior to that though, they were looking really good. The female was quite large and the male particularly wouldn't leave the mushrooms that they hosted. I thought for sure they had eggs.

RIP clowns. :( I will be looking forward to seeing any fry from these pairs though!


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This morning I was thrilled to find that my Sanjay clown was hosting a small rbta. He hosted just about everything else in the tank (Frogspawn, Mushrooms, Xenia, Leather, etc.) prior to finally finding this.


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