Anemones Show Em' Off :)


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Great Neck
This RBTA at my home tank is 20 years old, and has survived 90F and 65F for a couple days and couple times.

Only the lion fish can scare this maroon clown.

All the RBTA in this tank are splitted from the above mother colony, and a 5" piece attached to a 10" branchy Tonga rock will be donated to MR Swap tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.



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Hudson Yards
Here's one of my RBTAS with my mated Clown pair. I have 2 of these after the original split several times. One is on the left end of the tank and the other is on the right end. Every 4-6 months the Clowns want a change of scenery and move all the way across the tank from one to the other.

The photo doesn't do it justice, it's a lot redder in real life. It's among my favorite things in my tank.


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