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Welcome, hi there jada.

marrone said:
There is no reason to have one on a FO or Fowlr tank. Also just because your using RO/DI water that is not going to keep algae from growing in your tank or having bad water quailty.

In a fish only tank where you have a large load of fish and feed a lot, your going to have algae growth in the tank as your nitrates are going to be high. So reguardless if you use RO/DI water or tap your going to have a chance for algae growth in your tank. You also see plenty of reef tank that use RO/DI that have algae growth all the time and have to use hermits or snails to keep it under control, so you see it's more than just the water. In a FO/Fowlr tank, with the load and feeding, you can expect some algae growth. The amount of stuff that RO/DI will take out of the water will not have that much of an impact over tap, specially if the tap is good like NYC water.

If you do water changes and keep your tank clean, not to mention having fish that may eat the algae, it should never be a problem. In my tanks I've been using tap water from years and years and I don't have any problems with algae except maybe what grows on the front on the glass. And a lot of other people that just use tap water don't either. But some people do and that's because of the load and feeding and that can be excepted and using RO/DI wate isn't going to change that.

Reguardless of the cost, high or not, it's not some thing that is need for a FO/Fowlr tank. If the local water is good enough you should have no problems using it in the tank. I think people think RO/DI water is magic and it's going to cure all of your problems but that it not the case.

IS RO/DI water better than tap? Yes it is. Is it needed in a FO or Fowlr tank? No it's not.
I agreed with Marrone
I agreed with Chief "do what works for you"
I agreed skimmer will help but also you can use some other methods to keep the tank successful.
I agreed that using RO/DI will help but I also think that good husbandry is more effective. Just one extra pinch of food may cause more problem to a FO or FOWLR tank than using tap water over RO/DI

Since you already have a lot of equipment, try to make the best use of them and not replacing them mindlessly. You don't have to throw away your canister filter and directly go for a skimmer. There are many ways around it. I can give you FREE macro algae to take out some nitrate in your tank if you think the nitrate is starting to bother you. BTW nitrate, in general, will not harm your FISH. Check out ALL options and start to prioritize your NEED and WISH. And do what works for you. There is no such thing as one and only one formula to a successful tank.

If possible, don't rely too much on equipment(they always malfunctions-including Con Ed.) Therefore, the first thing is to lower your fish counts and get back the balance bewteen the bacteria and bio-load then slowly add them back. If they are getting bigger than your tank can comfortably fit them, give them out, seriously(and jokingly give them just to me. Hahahahaha.)

BTW, if your water is way too clean, you cannot maintain other live forms in your tank. I am one activist who thinks that water should not be too clean. Therefore, list out what live stock you want first ask if this board can give you some suggestions before deciding what to change, add or finally replace.

Good luck.
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Jadakiss Should Have Checked Out The Newbie Section First;but I Must Say He Certainly Sounds Familiar Like A Fat Chubby Kid With Big Lips That Lives Down My Way! But Then Again Thats Just Reef Talk! No Hard Feelings Jada. The Guys In Here Are Real Cool, They'll Help You Out