is it worth to switch?


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can any 1 help make up my mind. i just started up my 57 rimless oceanic, so i was wondering if i should switch my salt. im leaning towards esv, i been using reef crystals. but is there a real diff. i dont mind paying more just want the best for my tank.


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Westchester, N.Y
I used H2O and switched to ESV. LFS stop selling it H2O. Instead carried ESV and made switch. Mixing the 4 parts is easy. Your water will be clearer not cloudy. Not much of a difference in coral doing any better. ESV was $75 for 200gal. at LFS. A few dollars more wasn't a big deal. But didn't like to have 2 gals of solution and than around 40lbs of Sodium. And around 15 lbs Magesium Just a guess on weights. Just had to store it away from the kids. Its a good salt but got not sure if I will buy it again.

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