Genio Save Box – the new way to transport fish and corals

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There is a new way to transport fish and corals –  the revolutionary Genio System Save Box.

We fell in love with the box at first sight, and we immediately got in touch with the Austrian-German company Genio System, who was happy to send us one to review.

 The Save Box we received is the smallest one of three available sizes. It measures 11.8×10.6×15.8 cm outside, and 9.9×9.8×15 cm inside, with a volume of 1.45 liters.

On the inside bottom of the box there is a rubber pad with four neoprene feet to protect the structure from scratches, especially during a coral transfer.

The box is mainly acrylic, with a top and bottom made of what appears to be opaline.


Pictured above is the inside view, with the rubber pad for corals.


Above is the outside view with the box’s long pipe inserted; you can use it to add air or water.


It’s very well built, handmade item, and costs 29,9 euros (about $34 USD); an affordable product that you can use forever.


In the picture above, you can see the neoprene pad that seals the Save Box when it’s closed. Opening or closing the box requires some strength, as the box employs a press fitting system. It can work with an external pump, which would allow one to avoid detaching the top cover.

I leave you with this video by, where we can see a coral feeding inside a Genio Save Box. This is a great video, with macro images of corals direct feeding. Enjoy!

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