I’ve heard of some awesome weddings held on site at major aquariums, but never have I seen a ceremony like this one. On Sunday, a couple decided to tie the knot in the Georgia Aquariums Ocean Voyager exhibit. If your going to get married under the sea, the Georgia Aquariums Ocean Voyager is a fantastic choice of exhibits, as it is currently the only aquarium in North America to house whale sharks. It’s also Georgia Aquarium’s largest exhibit and holds 6.3 million gallons of water, as well as whale sharks, giant manta rays, and a plethora of different species of fish. Crystal and Justin Reynolds were the lucky couple who decided to get married under the sea after they met on an online dating site appropriately named ‘Plenty of Fish’.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjMP4B3ezUI&w=560&h=315]

Both Justin and Crystal share a love for diving, and first went diving at the Georgia Aquarium in December of 2015. The Georgia Aquarium offers its scuba certified guests the chance to dive in the Ocean Voyager tank and see the magnificent whale sharks. After their first dive, the two were hooked, and decided they would get married underwater at the aquarium. For the big day, even all members of the wedding party obtained their scuba certification so they could share in the couples big day. The bride wore a lace gown over her wetsuit and the couple even had their first dance underwater. “We never thought we would get married in an aquarium, but it mixes our love for diving and for one another; it’s something we love doing together,” said Crystal Reynolds. It was the Georgia Aquariums first underwater wedding, but I can imagine there will be many more to come. MORE

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