This lovely Monocentris japonica gets fruity in Carmen Miranda garb (original photo courtesy Lemon TYK)

…with these adorable and spooktacular costumes!

Ok, so I may or may not have resorted to some photoshop for these getups, but we already torture our dogs and cats with ridiculous outfits, why leave out our piscine companions? Here’s what we imagine our tank inhabitants might opt for if they had the means.


Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus terrifies the deep in this super convincing shark suit (original photo courtesy Lemon TYK)

Well what would a delicate little reef fish be if they could be anything for a day? Why not the most omnipotent apex predator of the sea? Theme music not included.


King for the Day! Gramma loreto gets punny.

This Royal Gramma opts for a little play on his name with some gilded accessories.


Apolemichthys arcuatus puts himself behind bars (original photo courtesy Lemon TYK)

Another one who couldn’t resist a good pun, the Bandit Angelfish is dedicated to his incarceration, decorating his environment for added effect. Gotta love the stage presence!

Bodianus sanguines goes for something a bit more ethereal (original photo courtesy Lemon TYK)

Bodianus sanguineus goes for something a bit more ethereal (original photo courtesy Lemon TYK)

This rare Sunset Wrasse keeps it simple with just a few props for his angelic attire. One thing to remember when masquerading 400 feet below the surface is you want to keep your wardrobe light – heavy fabrics and accessories will wear you down under that sort of  pressure!

Don’t get weighed down this Halloween! Keep it light, fun and safe. And please, this goes without saying, don’t attempt to dress up your fish. They will hate you.


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