GHL Adds Webcam Functionality to ProfiLux Controllers

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Aquarium controllers are becoming increasingly mobile friendly, allowing users to access controls and view data, such as water parameters, through web servers that can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. The biggest driving force behind this push toward mobility has been one of safety and disaster prevention, as aquarists traveling abroad are soothed by the idea of being able to check water parameters and even make adjustments to various items associated with the controller without missing a beat on their vacation or business trip. But up until recently, all of that data has been sort of without a face, meaning that hobbyists checking in on their aquarium were limited to just a handful of numbers and graphs. Thankfully, the ever evolving technology has allowed webcam access to the world of aquarium controllers, with the latest such updates finding their way into the ProfiLux line of controllers. Through new firmware and software updates, the ProfiLux aquarium controllers are following suit with the neptune Systems Aquacontroller and allowing for communications with webcams, giving users the ability to actually see their aquarium instead of just of disembodied numbers. This means that aquarium keepers can actually see if the lights are on, instead of relying on the controller to tell them that they are on. The webcam will also allow hobbyists to see disasters as they are happening, which may not bode well for travel plans but it certainly helps with mitigating the hazards. In addition to the webcam support, GHL also recently announced the opening of a new USA warehouse that will allow them to further develop their brand here in the states. This new facility is located in Ogdensburg, New York, and it is said that the immediate benefit will be a reduction in shipping costs up to 80% and improved turnaround times for orders. « Previous post Next post »

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