Great Speaker Lineup at PetsFestival this week in Piacenza, Italy

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PetsFestival 2018, the most important pet show of the year in Italy, will start on Saturday 20th October and will last until Sunday 21st at the Piacenza Expo complex.

There have been many exciting announcements about the show this year: above all the Petsfestival is focusing on its audience, and will have, for the first time in its history, an incredibly vast and heterogeneous speaker program with guests from the United States and England. Moreover, the exhibitions have also increased, and there will be at least 3 different areas of interest. We obviously focus on the aquarium hobby, but PetsFestival has so much more.

The Aquarium Speakers of PetsFestival 2018

We have followed the announcements of PetsFestival in recent weeks, presenting all the speakers as they were announced. Today we present the list with schedules and various titles, but remember to register in advance at the following email address: [email protected] . I strongly recommend you do as soon as possible to reserve the available seats.

Saturday October 20th:

  • 10:30 – Roberto Rondoni’s  talk on “Set-up and maintenance of a Malawi tank“;
  • 11:00 – Dana Riddle’s talk on “Lighting the Reef Aquarium – New Information“;
  • 12:00 – Tony Vargas’s talk on “Reef Aquariums (simple yet complicated)”;
  • 13:00 – Peter Kersh’s talk on “Innovations in fish nutrition – new ways of looking at ingredients, formulations and manufacturing processes”;
  • 15,30 : Davide Mascazzini’s talk on “Anthozoa predation on plankton”;
  • 16,00: Massimo Morpurgo’s talk on “Palythoa e palytoxins in aquariums: real risks for aquarists health?“.

Sunday October 21st:

  • 10:30 – Livio Leoni’s talk on “Set-up and maintenance of a Tanganyka tank” (article);
  • 11:00 – Dana Riddle’s talk on “Coral Coloration“. (article);
  • 12:00 – Tony Vargas’s talk on “Dubay (Two massive public aquariums)”. (article);
  • 15,30 –  Roberto Ferri’s talk on “The positive outcomes of a correct water movement in aquarium” (article).

DaniReef/ staff will be present at all the talks and we invite you to be present too, so hurry and book the seats (for free) at the following email address: [email protected].

Aquarium events of PetsFestival 2018

Goldfish Experience

The second edition of the Goldfish Experience offers a careful selection of goldfish specimens presenting, in a dedicated area, both the most common forms of Carassius auratus auratus and the ones that are rare and unusual.

This event is in collaboration with La Mangrovia and Amtra. For info, visit [email protected]

Guppy Show

From the wild form to the competition specimens. Poecilia reticulata, the best known tropical freshwater fish among aquarists, will be showcased this year at Petsfestival. An exhibition will be dedicated to the fish, where you can admire both the wild form and selected specimens impossible to be found in shops, there will be the swordtail guppy, with round tail and piked tail, the panda guppy, and many more peculiar genetic rarities.
Exhibition stand La Mangrovia

Pond set-up course

Live set-up of a pond and a course on the construction of a successful pond. The initiative, aimed at spreading knowledge about the beauty of aquatic gardens and bringing new enthusiasts closer in a practical and conscious way, rose from a meeting between enthusiasts and companies.
The course will be held by the OASE Company and the “Laghetti Che Passione!” Portal in collaboration with La Mangrovia store.

Medaka Show

A jewel from the East. Oryzias latipes, highly appreciated in its selected forms, has had a great success among aquarists and pond lovers. Only recently introduced to the hobby, it has attracted the interest of many fans who study the genetics and participate in dedicated competitions. During the Petsfestival exhibition, you’ll be able to see the variations of this extraordinary species. The exhibition, organized by Italian breeders, will be held at the La Mangrovia stand.

The DaniReef/ Booth

Danireef/ Staff at interzoo 2017: Lumaz, DaniReef, Zanna Bianca and HkH.2003

Danireef/ Staff at interzoo 2017: Lumaz, DaniReef, Zanna Bianca and HkH.2003

As usual, our staff will be present at the event, but this year we will have a small booth, so we are waiting for you to come by and have a chat. We are ready to provide you with the best possible report of PetsFestival. We will show you who participated and what they brought to show. As usual, we will try not to forget anyone. But if any company would like to invite us for a particular event, do not forget to contact us. If you want you can show up with our shirt, you can find out how to order it here.

Aquarium hobbyist groups are back at the PetsFestival

This year, several aquarium groups are booked to have their own little stand at PetsFestival. In alphabetical order the following groups will be present, with the great return of AcquaPortal:

  • Acquaportal
  • ACF – Acquario Come Fare
  • Alba (Caridine)
  • DaniReef
  • Laghetti che passione
  • ReefArt International

Shopping Tips

There are many exhibitors, and while there is no rush for the purchase of some items, the same thing doesn’t apply to the purchase of corals. In this case, it would be better to arrive early on Saturday morning to be among the first ones to choose corals. In events such as this, those who arrive first will have the best choice. Do not think you can come Sunday afternoon and find the most beautiful corals, because those will have been sold on Saturday morning.

PetsFestival 2018 exhibitors

PetsFestival 2018 exhibitors stands summarized here:

You can keep an eye on the list of exhibitors on the official website, under the Exhibitors link, but we do not believe that there will be other additions. The spaces have all been booked for some time already.

Ticket cost

The admission ticket for PetsFestival costs 12 euros, it can be purchased online by clicking here. We suggest you buy it online in order to avoid the massive queues at the entrance, as you can see below from one of our repertoire images.

How to get there

If you’d like to see who participated at the previous PetsFestival, the pictures, videos, and everything else are here.

You can get to Piacenza Expo following Google Maps directions

The official website: PetsFestival

We will be there, will you? Let us know here in the comments, on social media, or anywhere you prefer!

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