Happy birthday Sicce: 50 years of activity and counting!!!

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Happy birthday Sicce!!! Sicce is now 50 years and it definitely doesn’t show… actually, the best is yet to come. Let’s trace its history.

Recently Sicce posted a video on youtube and its own blog to celebrate its 50-year career, having been born in 1974. And we give a huge congratulations to this great Italian company that has done so much for Aquaristics.

We have written countless articles about Sicce; the first one was a report of Interzoo in 2008 where, by the way, the company itself asked for our pictures for their promotional content. And we were very glad to share them!

Since then, we’ve written a lot of reviews, especially about pumps, as well as many other reports about Sicce‘s presence at various trade fairs, and we have to say that we have found them everywhere: from Cips in Shanghai to ReefAPalooza and MACNA in the USA, from Zoomark in Italy to Interzoo in Germany. A constant and strong presence! This can only happen if you’re a very solid company.

Sicce’s History

Sicce was founded in 1974 by Paolo Pettenon and became the first leading Italian company in the production of heaters for aquariums. In 1975 they expand the range of their products with return pumps and aquarium and pond filters. In the 80s they introduced the technology of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, that assures over 50% of energy saving, while maintaining the functional characteristics and performances. Then in the 90s they launched the Micra pump, a very small sized pump, that reaches the world’s highest distribution. In the same years, Sicce obtained its first license.

2002 saw the arrival of the electronic control system for pump engines. In the same year, Sicce changed its headquarters, moving to Pozzoleone, where the new location had an area of 70.000 mq. In 2008 Sicce celebrated the 35th year of activity with a party at Nuremberg Interzoo, the most important worldwide fair for aquariums. And we were there!

Sicce booth at Interzoo 2008

In 2009 they acquired 3 more important licenses: CO2 Life, a CO2 supply system of aquarium plants, the Voyager line of movement pumps, and an innovative external filtration system for ponds called Green Reset.

Then we arrive in 2014 for the big celebration at Nuremberg Interzoo to honor their 40 years of activity. And we were invited!

And here we are today. What will the future hold? We’re looking forward to finding out!

The Celebration Video

In conclusion, we leave you the beautiful video that Sicce posted to celebreate its 50 years of successful activity!

We thank Sicce for the content and we leave you to the brand history page from which we borrowed the dates for the writing of this article.

It only remains to us to present you some of the people we met during time.


[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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