phoneThe Tennessee Aquarium has unveiled some new technology, the first of its kind in U.S. aquariums. There are microscopic wire-coded tags called Beacons which are implanted in Aquarium-reared Southern Appalachian Brook Trout and sonic tags that show the locations of recently reintroduced lake Sturgeon. The Aquarium allows its visitors to be on par with world class biologists and scientists as they track rare animals around the world. Visitors at the aquarium will receive notifications when they are approaching ‘tagged’ animal habitats“We’re using Beacon technology to put our guests in a more active role during their time with us,” said Thaddeus Taylor, one of the Aquarium’s senior educators. “I’m excited about adding another layer to our experience, one with a game-play feel that increases learning about our animals because it’s so much fun.” Guests use their mobile devices to download the free aquarium app and turn on blue-tooth and location enabling devices made available through CloudBeacon, a Chattanooga based technology company that brought the animal tracking program to life.

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