Win a Kessil 350 Narrow LED!

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Contest, Funny | 5 comments

Give me a caption on this picture that will make me belly laugh and you get a Kessil 350 Narrow courtesy of Innovative Grow Lights (IGL). I’m not a stickler for rules so my only request is that you keep it PG-13 at the max. Let me get you clowns started – “Real Fishwives of Saltlake City”. Ok, lame – I know you can top that. Leave your comments on Facebook or Twitter – best of luck!

  • Caitlin Nichole

    I'm a New York Reef Enthusiast and Fish Nerd, amateur photographer, dog lover, beer brewer/drinker, cocktail mixer, semi-seasoned chef, Prosecco Indulging, lightly foul-mouthed, slightly antagonistic, sorta-artistic, wordy bookworm of a girl. Dog mommy of three, an Abyssinian dubbed "Mau", plus one Dwarf Cuttlefish and a few Clarions. I have a tattoo of an Octopus with flowers on my rear. I ride my bike to the beach and sip bourbon with a good (reef) book while watching the waves. I like to think I'm witty and charming - but I'll let you decide.


  1. Javy Javerson

    You with all those curves and me with no flakes!

  2. Leo Ostrawski

    I’ve had every surgery YOU wanted, why won’t you love me?

  3. chrisrabkin

    Hey! Do these breasts make my eyes look big?

  4. Fishport

    Just don’t stand there gawking- GET ME THE MIDOL!


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