2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga De Jong MarineLife Layout aquario marino 05

De Jong MarineLife had one of the most interesting booths for corals and fish two years ago at Interzoo 2014, and we were eager to see what the company would bring to this year’s conference, Interzoo 2016.

This year, we had the chance to take a video of their tank in UHD – 4K definition, a huge step forward from most regular videos. If you can, I recommend viewing the video on a 4K monitor, or on an iMac 4K or 5K; it will shine! It was difficult to control the white, balance because the sensor is quite small – if we got the balance right on the bottom, we’d have problems with the ceiling, but aside from that, we got a fantastic recording of this impressive tank.

The corals you’ll see vary from Acropora to Micromussa, from Plerogyra to Acanthastrea, from Trachyphyllia to Scolymia, and many many more…

I think you’ll like it!

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