reefs.comCherryHammerIt’s no secret among my reefing peers that I’m a Euphyllia nut. I just love them. The variety of colors, the movement, fairly quick growth… what’s not to love! So yesterday when I stopped by Cherry Corals it was no surprise that they led me straight to check out this stunning yellow wall hammer (Euphyllia ancora). My jaw dropped, my hands started to shake and drool was dosed into the raceway. While it’s not likely to entice all collectors, this piece is certainly unique.


reefs.comCherryHammer2In many cases a coral labeled “yellow hammer” can be found in various shades of “yellow”. This yellow is mind boggling bright, with a metallic sheen throughout. Many corals I see labeled as a yellow hammer have more of a green overall tone to it. While this coral does feature stunning green undertones, the yellow just couldn’t be any brighter. Think of breaking open a highlighter as a kid and smearing it across the table (yeah, my mom still loves me). That’s what this coral resembles.

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