Interzoo 2014: Ecotech Marine and the Radion Mounting System

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The Ecotech Marine booth was showing off the Radion Xr30w G3 PRO, the incredible ReefLink, and last but not least, the Radion Mounting System.

We have the ReefLink in our hands, so when we’ll have finished to publish all the news about Interzoo we’ll release our in depth review (take a look here) but I can anticipate that it’s so marvelous!

So we went towards the booth thinking about something we have yet to see, something that Ecotech Marine could have left to show here, during Interzoo.

And this time our curiosity was appeased from the new stylish arm for Radions, the Radion Mounting System, ready soon for shopping.


The lateral view, with the new radion Xr30w G3 PRO


Another view


Back view


And front view with the new radion Xr30w G3 Pro

What else to add… the profile is absolutely great, and the link for the lighting has been studied to rotate, so we can place the radion horizontally or vertically over aquarium.


The base to fasten to the glass is completely adjustable, thanks to a knob, so the thickness of glass is not important, and it is suitable for almost every aquarium.



As we have just said, the top of the arm can rotate, so we can also think to place the radion slantwise… it could be interesting, very interesting…

When there are so many and powerful lighting systems we wait also to see some beautiful corals… well, in front of Ecotech Marine there was also the WhiteCorals booth, but we saw some beautiful corals nevertheless


And we can also to name this Interzoo, the Scolymia’s Interzoo… so many to see!

We have to admit, this new arm, is so beautiful we would like to have now… a sleek aluminum arm, completely adjustable and suitable for every aquarium. Well done Ecotech Marine.




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