WhiteCorals had the booth together with Nyos in the hall n. 3 of Interzoo, today we’ll speak about WhiteCorals and their corals, and in the next days we’ll speak about Nyos.

WhiteCorals is a European online shop that you can visit by clicking here: WhiteCorals. The shop sells corals, obviously, and ships in every part of Europe.

The shipping prices are quite good but  the price of corals can be good or not, it depends which prices we have habit to find near our home, so I can’t comment, here in Italy we have so many differences between different cities, so it’s impossible to take a clear position. But I like their corals!

With Korallen Zucht booth in mind (take a look here) that was a truly dream for SPS lovers, especially for Acroporas, the WhiteCorals booth indeed was incredible for long polyped stony corals, LPS, and there was a few Scolymias absolutely gorgeous.


What do you think about? If you could, wouldn’t you pay a lot for such a coral?

But it wasn’t alone… there were so many Scolymias to see

Maybe I could be happy also with the ugliest one…

But not only Scolymias, also Acanthastreas and Fungias with incredible colours…

So, what do you think? Aren’t they wonderful?



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