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LRS Fish eggs

Let’s talk about something unusual, extraordinary even. No, it’s not the newest, greatest, Wi-Fi enabled LED light or a DC-powered, funky shaped skimmer. Instead, it’s frozen food for fish and other inhabitants in your aquarium. Released by the highly respected Larry’s Reef Services (LRS), this new food raised eyebrows when first introduced to the market but quickly established itself as a great starter food for finicky eaters and hard-to-breed fish. It is called simply “Fish Eggs” and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Mixing fish eggs with other staple frozen food is a common practice, but never in the form LRS is selling them. Fish Eggs (the product) come flash frozen, freshly harvested from waters off the coast of North Carolina and still in the egg sack of the fish it was taken from. I will explain the process in a bit, first let’s shine some light on the company itself, in case you aren’t familiar.

The story behind Larry and Veronica DuPont’s (the owners of LRS Foods) success in the industry is inspiring. Larry, being a true hobbyist at heart, created his own blends of frozen feeds using fresh seafood caught off the coast of his home state. He was making enough for himself and his friends at a local fish club, offering the leftover batches to local stores. He named his new food “Reef Frenzy”. The food caught on instantly amongst experienced reefers and sooner that he ever predicted, Larry’s business grew to the extent that he and his wife had to quit their daily job to focus on LRS Foods. Two years later, Larry’s food blend got international attention, when veteran breeder Karen Brittain successfully bred the extremely rare deepwater angelfish, Genicanthus personatus using LRS foods. The family business “exploded”, they opened a full-fledged production facility, and today LRS Foods can be found all over the country. They have nearly 400 stocking dealers in the US and stores are beginning to export it around the world. LRS has a searchable map on their website where you can enter your zip code.You can see the company’s full bio on their website if you’re interested.


That brings us the newest addition in LRS Foods’ line- Fish Eggs. They’re just that, fish eggs… and they are awesome! Still in the egg sack, harvested from freshly caught fish and flash frozen to preserve their nutritional value. You are getting 6 oz. (170g) of the stuff with each pouch.


LRS Foods is fully transparent about their newest product – you can find a copy of laboratory tests performed and an official analysis of the content of Fish Eggs on the LRS website. The results reveal that the Fish Eggs’ protein content is an impressive 23% of its total mass, making it a great choice for inducing fish to spawn, rearing fry, and feeding finicky fish.


While I don’t have any hard-to-feed fish at the moment, my inhabitants go crazy when I add LRS Fish Eggs to the tank. Both the freshwater and saltwater fish devour this food within seconds after introducing it to the water column.


As I mentioned before, Fish Eggs come still in the egg sack, therefore the easiest thing to do is to slice a piece of the egg sack and thaw it under running water, scraping the 1-2 mm size eggs directly into the aquarium. Or, you can do it as I did and simply shake the eggs of the sack underwater. No worries, even if you accidentally drop a piece of the sac, your cleanup crew (or fish that thought eggs alone weren’t enough) will take care of it instantly.

_DSC7723 _DSC7724 _DSC7727 _DSC7731 _DSC7735 _DSC7740


When looking at the individual eggs under a macro lens, you can see that each egg has a deep yellow-colored yolk that’s the main source of all the protein. The only precaution to remember is that shortly after introducing Fish Eggs to the tank (especially a small one like I own), the skimmer may go bananas from the extra protein and overflow.

_DSC7566 _DSC7570

Overall, Fish Eggs is a great product and excellent choice for anyone planning to breed fish, convert a finicky eater to eat frozen feeds, or simply spoil his/her fish with a tasty treat. It gets an immediate feeding response that can only be described as fish frenzy (pun intended). This food prompted me to try to get my freshwater checkerboard cichlids to spawn; I will be setting aside a spawning tank soon and see if Fish Eggs help me with my breeding efforts.


There is one downside to Fish Eggs and it has nothing to do with the product itself: this new food from LRS is flying off the shelves and is limited in quantity each season, dictated by the state of North Carolina quota for fish harvest. Larry informed me that the season lasts for around 8 weeks in March and April, after which he needs to wait for the next one to obtain more fish eggs. Well, just get them while you can!

You can check the analysis report, as well as few feeding videos and testimonials on LRS product page.

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