MACE 2016, for the first time in Italy, This Weekend

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MACE, the Marine Aquarium Conference of Europe will be taking place this weekend, June, 18-19, in Rimini, Italy.

We have the list of exhibitors, and we will have the chance to meet: Acquari Malberti, ADF, Anubias, Aqua1, Aquaristica, Aquarium Lab, Area Palustre , ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturer), Carmar, CBTech, CIA, Corallinea, Dennerle, Ecoxotic, EscheMatteo, GeoMarine, Hanna Instruments, JBJ Orion, Kessil, Nati con la Coda, Newa, Neptune Systems, OndaAnomala, Mantovani Pet Diffusion, Planctontech, Planet Fish, Prodac, Prodibio, Seachem, Sera, Teco, TeknoGreen, Triton, Tsunami Shop. Two Little Fishes

As you can see, many exhibitors will be coming to the event. The MACE will be hosted during Petsitaly 2016, a trade fair of animals, so you can also find dog, cats, reptiles, and so on.

PetsItaly MACE 2016: The Conferences

Of course, there is no Marine Aquarium Conference without… conferences… so we will have many important lecturers, as you can see from the following program:


We will be there, so stay tuned; we will have coverage of the show and the speakers.

For the latest information about the show, you can browse the home page, PetsItaly,or ask us in the comments.

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