MACNA 2016 Coverage: Bashsea Booth

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If you ventured into the second exhibition hall at MACNA 2016 in San Diego, you probably stumbled upon the awesomeness that was the Bashsea booth. Seeing samples of the company acrylic creations and being able to speak with the man himself, Mr. Steve Bashi, was definitely the highlight of my second day on the show floor.

The products made by Bashsea are “state of the art” amazing. The perfectly-cut parts, the light reflecting off the characteristic shiny black acrylic, and the attention to detail really shows the quality that puts Bashsea in a league of its own.


Bashsea’s newest product for the consumer market is a frag rack system called Mad Rack. It comes in three different sizes and features a 3/8″ thick acrylic plate with rows of laser-cut slots that accept standard size plugs, and has a set of legs to rest it on the aquarium’s bottom.


Along with Mad Rack, Bashsea’s booth was packed with all sorts of equipment for the individual hobbyist. Some of the most recognizable include the Signature series sumps and reactors, as well as the intriguing Twisted Skimmer. Check out the gallery of pictures from the Bashsea Booth below.

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  1. Darren Ampey

    The Best Sump on the Market. I Got Mine. What about You. Make The Right Decision To Bashsea. You will see the Difference. The Craftsmanship Barnone.

  2. Chris Fortuna Sr.

    Just keeps on getting better. Nice job!


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