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SpectraPure’s line of RO/DI filtration devices are true workhorses in many aquarists’ homes, mine included, and their presence at MACNA in San Diego didn’t escape my attention.

I stopped at the SpectraPure booth on Day 2 of MACNA and had an opportunity to talk to Charles Mitsis, the company’s president, who shared with me a couple of brand new products.

One of those new products was a redesigned mixed bed DI cartridge that offers more capacity than any leading DI resin on the market.


Another interesting addition to SpectraPure’s aquarium products line is a new Auto TopOff pump, called the Ultra Precise Auto Topoff System. This compact device has rather impressive specs for an ATO pump- it features 10 pump speed settings and 10 duty cycle settings (the flow can be adjusted from 6ml/min up to 190ml/min). Moreover, it can deliver topoff water up to 60 feet! vertically and draw from up to 25 feet above its position. As with most SpectraPure products, it comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Perhaps the biggest announcement from SpectraPure this year is a new RO/DI unit for home use. The company managed to squeeze the performance of their top-of-the-line commercial unit into a 10” cartridge form. The result is called SpectraPure MaxCap High-Efficiency 100-GDP 5 Stage RO/DI and, as name implies, it has a 100g/per day production rate and a 5 stage filtration. It also has an integrated, powered booster pump and an in-line TDS meter. Most of all, it offers a 1:1 Waste Water ratio, which is something we haven’t seen in a hobby-level filtration system before. It means the new unit will produce a gallon of water for every gallon of waste water, which increases the longevity of the filtration media and membrane quite a bit (less water going through the filter equals less waste accumulation in the media). This state-of-the-art RO/DI filtration is designed for serious reefers and anyone demanding the highest-purity deionized water.

macna2016-spectrapure maxcap macna2016-spectrapure maxcap 2

Check our gallery of pictures taken at the SpectraPure MACNA 2016 booth below. Stay tuned for more news from SpectraPure in coming weeks!


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