MACNA 2017: Ecotech Vectra S1

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Ecotech Vectra S1

Just in time for MACNA 2017 in New Orleans, Ecotech Marine presented their newest addition to the Ecosmart Live connected devices, the Vectra S1 return pump. S1 finally fills the gap left by its larger counterparts, the M1 and L1 pumps- with a footprint of only 3.5in x 6in, it is the smallest of the three, yet it still manages to produce some impressive numbers.

Ecotech Vectra S1

Vectra S1 is capable of pushing 1,400gph (5,300lph), with a maximum head pressure of 11.5ft and maximum power draw of 55W. It is compatible with Ecotech wireless control platform Ecosmart Live and features the same exact controller as the one shipped with L1 and M1 pumps. There are three pre-programmed modes for when S1 is used as a return pump and another three when used in closed loop systems. Vectra S1 can also be used with the accessory battery backup for off-the grid operation, providing several hours of emergency operation in situations when power is out (which, unfortunately, happens to more people more often nowadays).

Vectra S1 is a needed addition to the Ecotech catalog and a surprisingly compact yet powerful return pump. At the time of writing his post, Ecotech started shipping S1 to retailers and the new pump can be purchased for $275. To learn more about Vectra S1, go to :

Ecotech Vectra S1 Ecotech Vectra S1 Ecotech reef tank fish

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