MACNA 2017: Real Reef Solutions Frag Rocks

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 Real Reef Solutions Frag Rocks

Real Reef Solutions is the company behind arguably the best looking and functional man made rocks for reef aquarium use. The manufacturer’s line of products, currently consisting of three types of rock that together allow for some fantastic aquascaping opportunities, is about to be expanded with a brand new addition called Frag Rocks. This smaller cousins of the Real Reef Rock pieces are made of the exact same material and look equally awesome.

 Real Reef Solutions Frag Rocks come in several different shapes designed to support a variety of corals- there’s one shaped like a bowl for soft corals, a shield-shaped piece great for growing zoanthid frags, one with holes for acropora branches, and more. They offer a fantastic alternative to boring ceramic frag plugs and blend right in with the coralline-covered rocks in an established reef tank.

 Real Reef Solutions Frag Rocks

Real Reef Solutions offers the new Frag Rocks in a bucket consisting of a mix of different varieties, which is aimed at retailers wanting to resale individual pieces to aquarists. There are 200 pieces in a bucket, so reefers can pick & choose what they like while visiting a local fish store that carries the product. Real Reef Solutions is currently collecting feedback from retailers and hobbyists alike, in an effort to find out which varieties are the most popular, so they can soon make smaller custom packages for retail customers.

I talked to Mr. Gareth Scott, the owner of Real Reef Solutions, about the Real Reef Rock manufacturing process and learned a couple of interesting facts. Gareth explained to me that the rock is made out of all natural materials similar to what is used in calcium reactors: aragonite, calcite oolite sand, and sea shells, and is bound with a calcium based binder. After the rock dries, it is stained with a water-based stain and sits in saltwater for 5 months to leach out any unwanted compounds before it becomes pure, phosphate and pest-free reef rock.

Real Reef Frag Rocks will soon be shipping to your local aquarium stores, so look out for this interesting new addition to the Real Reef Rock family. Stay tuned for an in-depth review of Frag Rocks here on and meanwhile, check out the Real Reef Solutions website for more info!

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