MACNA 2017: Rossmont Riser Return Pump

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Rossmont Riser Return Pump

Rossmont, the Italian manufacturer that took the reefing world by storm last year when it introduced the world’s first AC powered controllable wave pumps, has a new addition to their line of products. This time, it’s a return pump and yes, you guessed it, it’s also AC powered and controllable. It is called Riser and it’s capable of pushing between 210-850 gph, with a maximum head of 850 gph at 55 Watt max power draw. This new pump features a noise dampening base, a ceramic shaft and impeller, and can be used submersed or outside the tank. Just like the Rossmont Mover range of flow pumps, Riser can be wirelessly connected with the manufacturer’s proprietary controller, the Waver, for full flow control, which also features a few pre-programmed modes for feeding, maintenance, etc. What’s great about Riser is the fact you can plug it directly into the wall socket and use it just like any other AC pump, ditching the controllability when not needed.

Our team at proudly presented the “Best of Show” award to Rossmont for their groundbreaking new piece of equipment.

rossmont randy best in show

Stay tuned for my interview with Mattia Montin, the company’s CEO, where we talk about the manufacturer’s upcoming products and future goals, as well as the brand new mobile app that’s coming out soon!

Learn more about Rossmont at:

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