MACNA 2018 : Introducing the Master of Deep Sea Collecting, Brian D. Greene

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We often read about certain rare fish that are found in the deep depths of the ocean, and we can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the fish, the mysteries of the ocean, and how little we know about what goes on down there. A famous example of this occured just last year when President Obama was honored with a deepwater anthias found in Hawaii named after him. Hawaii, which is one of the most dived place in the world, actually had a new species left to identify there. Do you ever wonder who dives for these amazing specimens and which people are pushing the boundaries in deep sea expeditions? Well, let me introduce you to Brian Greene, a legend in the world of collection. He, along with Dr. Richard Pyle and few others, is responsible for so many species being found,  identified, and supplied to public museums and our ornamental trade. During this MACNA show, Brian came with the Biota Palau team to release some amazing news and I had the privilege to speak to Brian and set up this interview. Let me rephrase that. This interview was hijacked by none other then my good friend, Raj Shingadia of MRC America (who worked with Brian to create the decompression chambers necessary to successfully collect these animals) to find out about his latest expedition with the Biota team in Palau. While there, they caught what is possibly the rarest fish in our trade, in hopes of captive breeding, and unveiled new plans for next year’s expedition. What did they catch and what are their plans? Take a look inside!

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