Maxspect Gyre XF280 pump Preview

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Maxspect Gyre XF280

This is the new Maxspect Gyre XF280 motion pump, the most powerful among those presented at Nuremberg Interzoo.

We have been waiting a long time to get our hands on this beauty; it really impressed us at Interzoo 2014.

Maxspect presented three different pumps: the XF230, the XF250, and the XF280. Maxspect focused heavily on construction technology that guarantees a complete movement of all the water in the aquarium.

Maxspect Gyre XF230 – XF250 – XF280 technical characteristics

 XF230 XF250 XF280
 Maximum capacity 9.000 l/h 20.000 l/h 22.500 l/h
 Consumption 8-35 w 8-60 w 10 – 80 w
 Suggested Aquarium 100-400 l 200-3.000 l 750-3.800 l
 Length 25 cm 30 cm 37 cm
 Width 7,4 cm 7,3 cm 9,5 cm
 Height 4 cm 6,3 cm 5 cm
 Maximum Efficiency (lxw) 257 l/w 333 l/w 281 l/w

The new Maxspect Gyre XF280, with its 80 watt consumption and 22.500 liters/hour of water movement, obtains a result of 281 liters for each watt. It’s very efficient, and even more impressive when we take its incredible flow into account.

Maxspect Gyre XF280

The pump can’t be evaluated on its own; it needs to be linked with its controller, the V6.

V6 controller

Maxspect Gyre XF280

It’s beautiful and well refined, and it has a few different settings for the pump:

  • Constant Mode – it makes a uniform and constant flux all over the tank, and it’s possible to change its intensity;
  • Pulse Mode – a pulsation generates a wave shape while maintaining the movement in the entire tank;
  • Alternating Mode – it alternates the flux in opposite directions.

In the picture below, we can appreciate its construction with the protective cover on. You can see the hook of the magnets and the protection itself, which is kept in position by a couple of simple o-rings.

Maxspect Gyre XF280

The uniqueness of these types of pumps lies in its “gyre” flux. The water is moved in a strong, horizontal direction, very different from the wave flux motion of all the other pumps (which has an oscillatory and vertical direction).

Maxspect Gyre XF280

Moreover, it’s possible to position this pump in a vertical or horizontal direction, depending on your layout and the results you want to obtain. So you can have the flux in every part of the aquarium, corners included.

Maxspect Gyre XF280

Above, you can see the pump’s blades.

Maxspect Gyre XF280

The prices

The Maxspect Gyre XF280 is sold either alone, or in a bundle with its controller. Just the pump costs $300 euros ($310 US) with an economical efficiency of 75 litres per euros. The pump and the controller together cost 440 euros ($450 US), while a pack with two pumps and their controller is ($787 US) euros. The controller alone is 140 euros ($140 US).

The XF250 costs 160 euros ($170 US) instead, 330 ($350 US) with the controller, and the pack with two pumps and a controller is 490 ($520 US) euro. The XF230 is 140 euros ($149 US), 290 euros ($308 US) with the controller, and the pack of two pumps and controller is 430 euros ($457 US), which is definitely worthwhile.

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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