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The updated Neptune Apex iOS app is available free for download to your computer, mobile device. The new iOS app blends iOS and Apex Fusion for those with iPhones and iPads. This app requires an apex Fusion account and that your Apex is linked to Apex Fusion. According to its page on the itunes website, in the new Version 1.1:

“The sign-in view has been simplified.
Users of the 1Password app may easily retrieve their apex Fusion username and password from 1Password by clicking on the lock icon in the sign-in view’s password field.
Fast-path toolbar icons have been added for Notes and Measurements. The apex List fast-path icon is now optional, and is by default not present — it may be activated in the Settings.
Touch ID support has been made more comprehensive and easier to use.
Back and forward arrows now are now present in the toolbar.
The Settings view now contains an action to clear the cache and reload.
The app will always return you to where you were when you last left it, rather than to the apex List view.
Alerts from apex Fusion that arrive while the app is running will now be displayed by the app.
The minimum iOS level supported by the app is now 9.2.”

For more information, visit Neptune’s website, or comment below with any questions or feedback.

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