A net cover to prevent fish jumping by Red Sea

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red sea net cover

One of the innovations that really caught our attention at CIPS 2017 was the new customizable net cover by Red Sea.

One problem that affects almost all of us is the fact that a few fish can jump out of the tank. This can limit our choices when it comes to the guests we can safely host in our aquariums.

That’s what inspired Red Sea’s brilliant idea. Up to the present day the only to keep those fish safe was to set up a plexiglass cover. But doing so can greatly reduce the amount of light that reaches the corals.

The customizable Aquarium Net Cover by Red Sea

red sea net cover

Red Sea’s thought was to produce a nylon net, which is see-through and allows easy light penetration. It has an external frame made of plastic-coated aluminum.

The net, which comes in a tube, can be shaped however one pleases with a cutter, and is then placed in a customizable plastic frame, using the included spline roller to fit it in. The frame’s external perimeter, shown in the pictures, is connected with angular joints, and has a few spots of different sizes to accommodate the support brackets, the feeders, and any other objects you need to add.

We think that this is a very well designed net cover.

red sea net cover

The nylon has a thickness of only 8 mm. The net is offered in five different sizes:

  • R42080 60×60 cm long;
  • R42081  90×60 cm long;
  • R42082  120×80 cm long;
  • R42083  150×80 cm long;
  • R42084  180×80 cm long;

red sea net cover

We really like this product, and we like the price: all sizes are under $100 USD (different sizes are different prices, of course), which makes it very attractive.  Especially for its constructive care and its ability to work with almost every tank.

red sea net cover tank

Above, we can see a classic Red Sea aquarium with the net cover, still well lit by a couple of  Hydra 26 HD.


For further information about Red Sea you can visit their official web site. Additionally, we’ve provided you with the link to our editorial about CIPS 2017, where you can find all the links to the reports we have already done and to the ones we will write from this day forth.

[Translated by Federico Lavezzi]

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