GHL, the makers of the Profilux aquarium controller, dosing pumps, and Mitras LED lights has just released the Lightbar 2 with a pre-order special. GHL’s Ultra-Bright High-Power LED Lightbar 2 is made in Germany and offers many features not included in other LED strip lights, especially when it’s linked to GHL’s Profilux aquarium controller.  The new Lightbar 2 boasts maximum output power with its GHL Power Balancing Technology® and super smooth Perfect Dimming Technology®.

Pre-order special – To celebrate this new release, GHL is offering the first 500 customers a 15% discount! Special LED Overheat Protection LEDs are protected by monitoring the operating states of the LED diodes while monitoring the lightbar temperature. The microprocessor-controlled automatic brightness reduction and powerful heat sink promise efficient and safe operation MORE

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