Xaqua filter box

The Italian company Xaqua has just introduced its latest product, Filter Box, a compact filter system that is easy to use and is installed in the tank system’s sump.

This is a fantastic idea, and it really makes a difference, with both ease of use and aesthetics.

Many aquarists try to position filter bags in the flow of water as it falls into the sump. The problem is that they aren’t always stable or easy to set: the drain from which the water falls is big and rigid, and it can be complicated to insert and remove the filter bag. Moreover, the filter bag often isn’t high enough from the bottom of the sump to work successfully.

The Filter Box  is designed to remove those problems: the filter bags take care of the filtering and the stability of the system.

Xaqua filter box

Xaqua’s Filter Box

Xaqua’s Filter Box is a plexiglass container that is directly inserted into the sump; it’s big enough to insert the drain for the falling water.

There are two available Filter Bags, as you can see in the pictures: one is 200 microns and the other is 400 microns.

Xaqua filter box

This is a practical solution, and it conveniently has two handles that allow for a fast and straightforward extraction from the sump. It measures 15.5 cm by 34.5 cm, with 40 cm height, 43.5 cm with the grips.

The price is about 180 euros ($193 US), check Xaqua’s official site. It’s not cheap, but we think it’s a reasonable price, considering the care of the construction and the brilliance of the solution.

Xaqua filter box

Obviously, it needs to be tested to see if the small distance from the bottom of the sump causes any problems with the operation and the efficiency of the filtration. But we really like the idea, what do you think?

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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