New Lower Price on the Neptune DOS Dosing Pump

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Equipment, Reef, Science, Technology | 0 comments

Neptune DOS dosing pump

Neptune Systems is lowering its price on the popular DOS dosing pump from $349.95 to $299.95, a $50.00 price decrease.  If you’ve thought about purchasing a DOS dosing pump or adding a 2nd unit to your Neptune Apex controller platform, then now might be the time to consider doing it. neptune Systems spent a considerable amount of time and money developing the DOS system and strong sales have helped them recover the initial engineering and developmental costs so they have decided to make this product easier on your wallet or pocketbook.

About the DOS: In a nutshell, using the DOS is as simple as telling the apex Fusion DOS wizard how much fluid (in ml) you want to…MORE

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