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For the true coral gardener, the CoralWall creates new aquascape possibilities and expands the real estate in your tank available for corals, utilizing the often unused vertical tank surfaces to add new dimension to your aquarium.

The Coral Wall’s unique patent-pending lattice system uses familiar frag rack modules with stronger than typical locking SilTalonTM inserts to hold frag plugs vertically in the wall. Each 4.625” x 9.75” module is easily removable from the lattice system for propagation or coral color adjustment, as zoanthids or encrusting corals expand over the modules, or acropora emerge from the wall to create dramatic overhangs. In addition to utilizing frag plugs, the CoralWall system includes optional standoffs to attach rock or larger corals of various sizes, or to integrate the wall securely with your tank’s aquascape.

Many hobbyists discover that certain encrusting corals and zoanthids over time can encroach on corals if left unchecked. While any coral can be added to the CoralWall and grow on a vertical surface, the CoralWall can also effectively isolate certain corals you still want to display, while at the same time mitigating their ability to over grow and sting other corals long term.

Protruding just 1.17” (29mm) from the aquarium pane, the CoralWall can be retrofit to any aquarium and attaches to the aquarium with magnets, while near invisible support legs rest on the bottom of the aquarium.

The CoralWall’s FragMax variant is especially useful in frag systems, where including vertical surfaces for coral real estate significantly increases available growing area. For instance, adding a CoralWall to the back of a 24”x48”x12” frag tank adds up to 50% more growing area without the cost, complexity, or space of adding another tank, lights and flow, and without blocking light to corals below.

They say transparency is the best policy – and we agree. When designing the magnet system for our products, we’ve attempted to address what for many creates anxiety – having magnets inside the tank. Many manufacturers use black acrylic or plastic to encase their magnets, which makes verification of the seal and inspection of any corrosion impossible. We start with epoxy-coated magnets as a first layer of protection, then further encase them in acrylic using a specially designed transparent joint for easy, consistent acrylic welding and visual confirmation of a water tight seal. We guarantee our magnet enclosures will never leak – ever.
Each CoralWall is custom designed for your tank, and made from precision machined cast acrylic and food grade silicon. The Coral Wall’s modular system can accommodate powerheads up to 4” (such as a Vortech MP60) and work around most overflow box layouts to create a truly unique canvas upon which to paint your coral masterpiece.

Customers can fill out a no-obligation order form at, then received a layout document and payment link. Depending on features chosen and thickness of aquarium panes, the CoralWall system usually ranges from $30-$45 per module, which is significantly less than other magnet mounted frag racks currently on the market (Prices as of Spring 2023: FijiCube $64.99, Eshopps Alpha $74.95, IceCap Medium $63.99, AquaMaxx $59.99, PNW Custom $64.99, Flipper $59.99)

Start your masterpiece today with CoralWall, available now at

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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