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I was introduced to Easy Reefs Masstick food 2 years ago and since then, it has been one of my favorite fish foods on the market and the go-to solution for finicky fish that just can’t wean themselves off frozen foods. In fact, this stick-to- everything reef playdough was the only non-frozen food my Copperband Butterflyfish ate and, as far as I know, the only non-living thing dragonets in my tank even think of consuming. I don’t know what it is that fish like so much about Masstick- the strong aroma, the ingredients, or perhaps the food form factor that induces natural grazing behavior- but they all jump onto it the moment I stick it to the front glass panel.

If you never heard of Masstick, I actually featured it in a Definitive Review back in 2018, you can see what the food is about and how it’s best utilized to feed stubborn fish in a reef aquarium. 

In a nutshell, the original Masstick comes in a dry form, packed in pre-portioned pouches that double as a mixing container. Unlike most foods on the market, Masstick requires elbow grease to be used- you add distilled water to the pouch and knead the ingredients into a dough-like consistency, making sure that the powder is thoroughly mixed. 

Enter Easy Masstick. Easy Reefs decided to make our lives even easier by taking the preparation element out of aquarists’ hands and introducing Masstick in a new, Easy (see what I did there) form. Easy Masstick is everything you love about the original thing in ready-to-use cylinder-shaped pieces, no mixing required.

Easy Masstick comes in two sizes- 40 and 80, packed in air-sealed aluminum jars. I counted 58 individual pieces in the size 80 I received. I sliced one piece in half, stuck both to the front panel, far enough apart from one another so all fish could get a chance to take a bite, and the results were as expected- my fish did not recognize the difference and devoured the whole thing in no time, just like the original Masstick. 

This product can be summarized in one sentence- Easy Masstick is Masstick, just easy, nothing less, nothing more. Go get it, it’s great food, especially if you own hard to feed fish or like to watch the animals in your tank to come to the front and enjoy the little tasty snack you’re spoiling them with.

Easy Masstick is sold everywhere good aquarium feeds are sold. To learn more, visit CoralVue Masstick Product Page.

Thanks for reading. 

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