After the test we did recently on Tunze pumps, we had commented about return pump electronic Tunze 1073.050, a pump with incredible skills, had not been impressed us with data we measured. After promptly contacted the company in conjunction with the publication of the article of the test, the same Tunze assured us that she would soon provide a new pump to redo all of our tests, since the values we measured were not consistent with their measurements, making us think of a pump obviously defective in our possession.

The new pump to be tested is finally here and soon we will recreate the conditions of the test to measure its performance.

If you want to read what we tested, like we had done and especially what we got, you can do so by reading the following article: Tunze Silence pumps 1073.020 – 1073.040 – 1073.050: The Total Comparative Test


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