Our Friend Bob Fenner

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The aquarium hobby just lost a legend. We are sad to report the passing of Bob Fenner. Known for his numerous publications, presentations and on-line resources, Bob was a larger than life presence in the hobby. He was an educator and author of two dozen books and scores of articles. His seminal publication, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, remains a go to volume some two decades after its publication. Bob was also an avid diver and photographer of aquatic life whose images graced us daily on numerous on-line forums.

Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things marine, Bob is even better known for his infectious energy, his humor, and his unpretentious warmth. He could talk with anyone and was always a source of positivity and encouragement. It’s hard to imagine the hobby without him. In truth, he’ll always be here laughing and smiling through the glitter lines.

Reef on Bob.

  • Randy Donowitz

    Randy Donowitz has been keeping aquariums most of his life. During the mid 1980s and 90s he was consumed with the breeding of African Cichlids. In 1994 he purchased his first marine system- a simple 55 gallon reef setup and he has been an incurable coralholic ever since. Randy's articles have appeared in numerous hobbyist publications including Aquarium Frontiers, Advanced Aquarist, Marine Fish and Reef USA Annual and Aquarium Fish magazine. Currently, he curates and maintains the 3 system, 700 gallon coral reef display at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he enjoys the privilege of sharing his knowledge and love of the hobby with students, staff, and community members from around the Tri-State area.


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