I’m pleased to finish the relaunch of Advanced Aquarist as a Reefs.com publication. All the popular content is back, but reformatted for even better readability. We’ve also changed the search function, making it easier for you to find your favorite writers.

To kick off the new magazine series, we have a fantastic article by the internationally renowned Dana Riddle (MASNA AOTY 2011); he has reviewed the highly anticipated CoralCare2 light by CoralVue, which will soon be  available in the United States. You can find that post here: https://reefs.com/magazine/product-review-philips-coralcare-gen-2-led-luminaire/

And if you’re interested in reading a review of the original CoralCare light, you can find three great articles by our own Danilo Ronchi:

Philips CoralCare 2018: PAR measured with the new DaniReef LAB method

Interzoo 2018: the new Philips CoralCare ceiling lights

Philips CoralCare: Our Measurements of the New Ceiling Light

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