I have always claimed the importance of properly feed invertebrates in a reef aquarium. Finally, thanks to the availability of our friend Roberto Ferri we remember in a famous speech about coral’s nutrition and coloration that you can view right here (it’s an italian speech): The pigmentation of corals: a multifactorial situation. Report by Roberto Ferri, we have here to test a sample of New PlanctonDose from Planctontech.

The New PlanctonDose is a dispenser of Zooplankton for aquarium, specifically the rotifer of genre Brachionus plicatilis, automated and almost self-sufficient, as long as we verses every 2-3 days about 50 ml of phytoplankton which serves to feed rotifers.

Needless to emphasize the importance of a targeted feeding with live organisms for our corals. Pretty much the best that we can ever give them.

Operation is extremely simple after all. The solution of zooplankton is kept in motion by air bubbles created by an aerator. Every 2-3 days you need to add into the cylinder some phytoplankton feeding rotifers. Every day a dosing pump will pour out in the tank a solution of water and rotifers perfect for our system.

The package of New PlanctonDose comes complete with an instruction manual, the reactor of zooplankton, a dosing pump, an aerator, and all the accessories you can imagine for the smooth operation of the reactor.


To better test this wonderful product we were uncertain to use it on my tank, but in the end we decided to try it in the Andrea Negusanti’s Aquarium that besides having a beautiful reef aquarium, also has a selection of LPS and SPS in which we can better see the benefits from feeding by rotifers.

Over here you can see the Andrea Negusanti’s Aquarium as it appeared in January when it was presented on Reefs.com.

For more information, please consult the Planctontech site we thank for the supply of the reactor under test.

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