Preview recirculating pumps from Rossmont Italy, the Mover M 5800

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pompe movimento rossmont italy mover m 5800
After having seen in the preview during PetsFestival 2013 in Piacenza, we are finally proud to have a Rossmont Italy Mover M 5800 pump to show you and, above all, to try in our aquarium.

The new pumps are incredibly small and have a lot of subtleties in them so as to make them look like little jewels as you can already see by the wonderful package, where in addition to the pump and the magnet, there is also a cleaning brush, and two different types of diffuser.

pompe movimento rossmont italy mover m 5800

The recirculating pump we have to test is the Rossmont Mover M 5800 with 5800 l/h of output and 10 watts of declared consumption.

pompe movimento rossmont italy mover m 5800

Over here we can see the entire contents of the package exploded, including also the beautiful and very complete manual.

pompe movimento rossmont italy mover m 5800

Here, we can see the back of the packaging, which shows the dimensions, the advice, the glass suitable for magnet and much more.

The pump is now in use in my aquarium, later I will tell you about it. For now I can anticipate how it is really quiet and also extremely powerful given the size.

pompe movimento rossmont italy mover m 5800

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