Product Review: Hobby Artemia Hatchery

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Baby brine shrimp is a good food for nano fish and various corals. They have been around for decades and even sold as novelty aquarium pets called “Sea Monkeys” since 1957. Culturing live foods at home is a great way to maintain a natural nutrition source and is useful for enticing picky eaters.

3 years ago I purchased a brine shrimp hatchery that everyone had been talking about.  I just never had the need to use it. Recently I decided to give it a try and actively feed my corals more. I liked it since it did not require any additional air pump and a lot of space and in just 24 hours I had freshly hatched brine shrimp with little effort. There are definitely more cultured foods available these days for rearing fish but those may require more effort and additional supplies – I speak from prior experience.

Unboxing & Setup

Final Thoughts

I really like this simple product. It is small and does what it claims with no moving parts, no power needed, and at a good value.

Based on other internet sources you can use spirulina powder or baker’s yeast to feed and grow out the baby brine shrimp. Transfer the shrimp to a separate container. Maintain the temperature, salinity, food, oxygen level, and pH for the baby brine shrimp. The shrimp will grow to adult size in as little as 8 days (under ideal conditions) or 3-6 weeks.

This is also a fun way to engage kids into an aspect of the aquarium hobby.

If you want to give this a try click on this Amazon link.

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