bluestripe pipefish

Quality Marine just announced the arrival of yet another new aquacultured species: the Bluestripe Pipefish (Doryrhamphus excisus). Their unique appearance and useful predatory habits, combined with a vibrant blue and orange coloration has made them a popular aquarium species, especially for seahorse and low nutrient SPS aquariums.  Aquacultured species and short supply chains are essential for the long term viability of our trade and for the health of our oceans, making this successful captive breeding all the more important.  Additionally with the recent news about Hawaiian fishery closure, this is a bit more positive news for our hobby.

In the wild, Bluestripe Pipefish inhabit rocky crevices in lagoons and reefs of depth from 6 feet – 147 feet (2 to 45 meters) and they range all throughout the waters of MORE

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