What am I going to do when Bob dies? In this episode we talk about the seasonality of our tanks, recording our test data, releasing your unwanted organisms back into the waterways, and quantifying the changes in your tank.

Time Stamps
00:00:00​ Intro
00:00:45​ How you doing?
00:02:24​ Seasonal RTN?
00:08:35​ Is ICP the answer?
00:10:12​ You can become a Reef Beef Member!
00:13:22​ Beeflets?
00:14:08​ I’m in Houston
00:14:29​ BEEF: Releasing fish into local waterways
00:26:11​ SPONSPOR: SaltwaterAquarium
00:28:22​ MAINS: Quantifying Media & Methods
00:43:31​ The Water comes from Bob
00:50:29​ STORY TIME: Fish in the Ditch
00:52:57​ Wrap Up

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Reef Beef – Episode 13 – What am I going to do when Bob dies?

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