In this episode we interview Arin Sarkissian, a beefer and reefer of two years.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:37 Meet Arin
00:16:27 SPONSOR:
00:19:30 Arin’s problems
00:31:50 SPONSOR: PolypLab
00:34:55 Solving Arin’s problems
00:51:29 SPONSOR: MACNA 2021
00:53:24 Arin’s Questions
01:05:59 SUPPORT Reef Beef
01:07:57 Arin’s Beef
01:33:54 Wrap Up
01:35:20 Bloopers

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Episode 27 – A Bunch of Razor Blades with Gooey Flesh

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