In this episode we talk to Marc Levenson about his tank crash and other beefs.

Marc’s Channel:

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:26 Welcome Marc!
00:01:05 How is Marc?
00:05:27 What did Marc notice first?
00:12:32 How Marc fights cyanobacteria
00:16:17 Not if, but when
00:19:07 Marc’s numbers
00:32:27 Marc pulls corals
00:39:13 SPONSOR: PolypLab
00:43:18 Marc eats
00:46:35 Caitlin
00:59:38 Look into Ben’s eyes
01:05:02 SPONSOR:
01:07:36 Marc’s Beef
01:15:04 Think Critically
01:22:26 More numbers
01:33:34 Wrap up
01:36:13 Bloopers


Episode 30 – Gray Ham Crackers with Marc Levenson

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